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N1918A Power Analysis Manager (licensed) and Power Panel Software (free)

Product Status: Obsolete
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications

  • There are two versions of the N1918A software; Power Panel (Free) and Power Analyzer (License based)
  • Multiple display formats on large PC display
  • Min, Max, math, limits and alerts
  • Data recording up to 500 days (with the licensed version)
  • Complete 15-point pulse characterization (for peak power analysis)
  • Overlay trace graph and waveform math (for peak power analysis)
  • PDF, CDF and CCDF statistical measurements (for peak power analysis)
  • Support P-series power meters (N1911A/12A), EPM power meters (N1913A/14A) U2000 Series USB average power sensors, and U2020 X-series peak and average power sensors.


The N1918A Power Analysis Manager is a powerful application software that complements the U2000 Series USB power sensors and U2020 X-series peak and average power sensors..

The software also enhances the capabilities of the P-series N1911A/2A and N8262A power meters and EPM-Series N1913A/14A power meter.

For the U2020 X-Series USB peak and average sensors, both the Power Panel (free) and Power Analyzer (license based) software are bundled free with every sensor purchased as each sensor comes with built in license for the software.

For the U2000 Series USB average sensor, P-Series and EMP-Series power meter, there are 3 different types of licensing available:

Power Panel

The Power Panel software version is offered free of charge. This is a compact ‘power panel’ display incorporated with basic power measurement features such as digital, analog, compact, and strip chart displays; along with markers, gated measurements and the ability to save setup states. This software is mostly used as simplified power measurement display in Keysight instruments, laptops or PCs.

Power Analyzer PC Licensing (Option 100)

This Power Analyzer software combines all of the capabilities of the Power Panel software with additional features such as trace overlay graphs and CCDF displays, pulse characterization, long term data logging and more. For new user, you may enjoy a 30 days free trial of the comprehensive features before it converts into the basic Power Panel mode (only basic features are available for power measurement). A PC license key is required for permanent use of the full features. You may purchase the license key through a Keysight sales representative. For existing user, please download the software and upgrade the software with the latest features. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista® and Windows 7 (64 bits).

Power Analyzer Dongle Licensing (Option 200)

This license is an alternative licensing besides the PC licensing for the Power Analyzer software. It is a portable USB license key in the form of USB thumb drive. This license key can be transferred from one PC/laptop to another for enabling the full features. Please contact a Keysight representative if you are interested in getting one. For existing user, please download the software and upgrade the software with the latest features. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (64 bits).

Please refer to the N1918A datasheet for a Power Panel and Power Analyzer (option 100 and 200) comparison table for more details.

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