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N4373B 67 GHz Lightwave Component Analyzer

Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications

Absolute frequency response accuracy

  • < 0.9 dBe @ 50 GHz (typ)
  • < 1.3 dBe @ 67 GHz (typ)

Relative frequency response accuracy

  • < 0.5 dBe @ 50 GHz (typ)
  • < 1.3 dBe @ 67 GHz (typ)

Noise floor

  • < - 59 dB (W/A) @ 67 GHz for E/O measurements
  • < - 55 dB (A/W) @ 67 GHz for O/E measurements


With 67 GHz frequency range and excellent accuracy, the N4373B is the ideal measurement solution for electro-optical components in 40 Gb/s transmission systems, as well as Radio over Fiber (RoF) and aerospace and defense (A&D) applications.

With a turn-key solution, the N4373B supports fastest time to market, and lets you focus developing your components.

Fast and easy measurement setup increases productivity as time-consuming electrical calibration steps are automated and optical calibration by the operator is no longer necessary.

Additional Benefits:

  • Built-in average power meter for fast transmitter power test
  • PMF optical output for reliable modulator test
  • User selectable optical transmitter output power helps to adapt to target test conditions
  • More then 10 times faster than 86030A speeds up productivity