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HMMC-5026 2-26.5 GHz GaAs MMIC Traveling Wave Amplifier

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Wide Frequency Range: 2-26.5 GHz
  • Moderate Gain: 9.5 dB
  • Gain Flatness: ±0.75 dB
  • Return Loss: Input: -14 dB Output: -13 dB
  • Low Frequency Operation Capability: < 2 GHz
  • Gain Control: 35 dB Dynamic Range
  • Moderate Power: 20 GHz: P-1dB 18 dBm PSAT 20 dBm / 26.5 GHz: P-1dB 15 dBm PSAT 17 dBm


The HMMC-5026 is a broadband GaAs MMIC traveling wave amplifier designed for moderate gain and moderate output power over the full 2-26 GHz frequency range. Typical applications of the HMMC-5026 include wideband gain blocks of communication systems and microwave instrumentation, which require a flat gains response and excellent port matches over the 2-26 GHz frequency range.

Keysight HMMC-5026 does not contain any intentionally added RoHS substances above permitted maximum thresholds.

All HMMC parts are manufactured in Santa Rosa, California using Keysight´s reliable instrument grade GaAs process.