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Key Features & Specifications

Meet linearity goals set for today’s advanced MCPA designs

  • AM/AM, AM/PM measurements using wideband stimulus signals
  • Up to 80 MHz analysis bandwidth
  • Curve-fit to the data and ideal reference displays
  • Exports time-aligned stimulus/response data
  • Manual and automatic measurement configurations
  • Compatible with a variety of Keysight signal and spectrum analyzers
  • Flexible licensing: node-locked or floating


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The 89604A distortion test suite software accurately measures AM/AM and AM/PM distortion in MCPAs using complex modulated signals with bandwidths as high as 80 MHz. This software uses a wideband measurement technique which assures that even subtle distortion mechanisms like memory effects and local heating are stimulated and measured.

Variety of tools to make accurate distortion measurements in MCPAs

  • Powerful measurements including AM/AM, AM/PM, PDF, CCDF, and “delta” EVM
  • Complete graphic and data summary tables to characterize the performance of your MCPA, showing: gain, delay, and curve-fit coefficients

Access sampled waveforms

  • Digitized stimulus and response waveforms in several file formats so you can process them using your own curve fit algorithms
  • Samples are precisely aligned in time; amplifier induced delay and phase offsets are removed; and the amplitude is scaled and corrected for padding attenuators
  • Use a resample algorithm to select a data sample rate to match the requirements of your curve-fitting algorithm

Easy and Flexible measurement set-up

  • Configurations for manual single-channel and automatic two-channel measurements
  • Works with real-world signals, test signals, or even noise-like signals
  • Works with Keysight's spectrum analyzers, or modular VXI-based vector signal analyzers
  • Load the 89604A/AN software on your PC, connect to your hardware via LAN or GPIB, and you are ready to make distortion measurements