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E9903D 4-module In-Circuit Test (ICT) System, i307x (Used System)

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

No replacement found for this product.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Max node count : 5184
  • Max channel count : 1152
  • Footprint : 3m x 3.6m / 9' x 11'
  • Max no of modules : 4


IMPORTANT NOTE: With effect from March 1, 2012, Keysight has discontinued the sale of the ASRU D card due to end-of-line production.

All new Keysight i3070 systems will now be shipped with the latest ASRU N card, available on the following i3070 Series 5 systems: E9901E, E9902E, E9903E and E9905E.

For customers looking to buy or sell used i3070 models E9901D, E9902D, E9903D and E9905D, please contact Keysight.

The E9903D i307x has the largest node count coverage of the i3070 family of combinational testers designed to provide in-circuit test capability coupled with additional capabilities to ensure high test coverage of today’s complex electronic assemblies.

All Medalist i3070 test systems are able to accept both Mux pin cards as well as UnMux pin cards. This is to provide you more flexibility in the use of this system.

Features Analog Plus
Access Plus
Hybrid Plus
Hybrid 144
Test nodes per card 144 8 x High Frequency10:28 instrument ports24 x GP Relays  144 144
Digital channels per card N/A  N/A  16 144
Max pattern rate/frequency N/A  HF: 100MHz
Inst Ports: 25MHz
GP Relays: N/A
6/12/20 MPS 6 MPS
Maximum cards per module/system**  9/36 9/36 9/36 9/36
Analog voltage range 0-100V 0-100V 0-100V 0-100V
Digital Drive/Receive range N/A  N/A  -3.5 to 5.0V  0 to 4.75V
Edge Placement Accuracy N/A N/A +/- 10 nS +/- 10 nS

** Total pin cards cannot exceed 9 pin cards/module

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