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E6702A cdma2000® Lab Application

Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options
This product is no longer available

No replacement found for this product.

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    E6560A cdma2000®/IS-95 Wireless Test Manager [Obsolete]

    The Keysight E6560A wireless test manager is a powerful, flexible, all-in-one test system software application that makes automated test development and support easier than ever.

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    E6719A Lab Application Suite [Obsolete]

    A powerful suite of lab applications providing R&D developers with leading edge tools needed for today's multi-format wireless device development at a significant cost savings.

  • E6720A and E6920A annual contract E6720A Lab Application Annual Contract for 8960 

    E6720A Lab Application Annual Contract for 8960

    • Supplies the industry’s leading 2G/3G/3.5G test capabilities earlier
    • Provides all lab applications releases during the term of the contract
    • Prevents manufacturing delays