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E2929B PCI-X Test Cards

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This product is no longer available

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Keysight continually endeavors to optimize their products so that our customers can work successfully with them. We also aim to keep the products up to the highest standard possible. Therefore, we would like to inform you about our new plans regarding the E2920 series, especially for the PCI-X products E2922A and E2929A.

We have decided to enhance the usability of both PCI-X cards by introducing a B version, E2929B and E2922B. The B version has been available since January 2002 and has the same product and pricing structure.

Main enhancements of the B version:

- 4 Performance counters instead of two

- enhanced test coverage

- and of course more fixes.

We have had some limitations with version A in the Exerciser capabilities in particular with the validation applications. Realistically this means the majority of the customers applications are not affected by these limitations. The limitations are fixed with the B version.