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E6560A cdma2000®/IS-95 Wireless Test Manager

Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

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  • E6569B E6569B Wireless Test Manager Suite [Obsolete] 

    E6569B Wireless Test Manager Suite [Obsolete]

    The Keysight E6569B wireless test manager suite allows you to purchase the wireless test managers at a significant savings over purchasing each test manager separately.

  • E6702A Product Photograph E6702A cdma2000® Lab Application [Obsolete] 

    E6702A cdma2000® Lab Application [Obsolete]

    The E6702A cdma2000 lab application for the 8960 test set (E5515C) speeds wireless appliance development with one-box support for soft and softer handoffs...

  • E1962B E1962B cdma2000®/IS-95/AMPS Mobile Test Application 

    E1962B cdma2000®/IS-95/AMPS Mobile Test Application

    • Provides cdma2000/1x Advanced test capabilities with feature option
    • Includes comprehensive cdma2000/1x application test
    • Provides 3GPP2 standard compliant and fast RF test

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    Test Code Development

    Software development for automated engineering and manufacturing test systems...

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    Test Data Management

    Structured and organized storage of test data and test results provides easy access for further analysis and reporting...