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E443xB Series Option 100 3GPP W-CDMA Multichannel, Multicarrier Firmware Personality

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This product is no longer available

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Generate both uplink and downlink signals that conform with 3GPP standards using 100. These W-CDMA signals are suitable for component, subsystem, mobile, and base-station tests. 100 is a firmware personality built on the internal dual arbitrary waveform generator (UND).


  • Conforms with 3GPP and coexists with the earlier ARIB (1.0-1.2) feature set
  • Supports the 3.84 Mcps chip rate with the ability to vary this rate by +/- 10%
  • Downlink physical channels include: PCCPCH, PSCH, SSCH, DPCH, CPICH, PICH, and OCNS
  • Multicarrier capability on the downlink
  • Up to 6 dedicated physical channels (DPDCH) plus a dedicated physical control channel (DPCCH) on the uplink
  • Individual channel rates based on 7.5 ksps for the downlink and 15 ksps for an uplink

Installation Requirements