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E2654A Cascade Microtech EZ-Probe Positioner

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This product is no longer available

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Cascade Microtech's revolutionary EZ-Probe Positioner provides stable, accurate X, Y, and Z positioning in one fluid motion. Its unique 3-D joystick, with 3:1 motion reduction and single-clutch, fully-articulating arm, allows simple, precise positioning in anything from card cages to MCMs. And, since you can easily attach the Keysight 1156/7/8A, InfiniiMax 1130A/1A/2A/4A and InfiniiMax 1168A/69A probes, it instantly integrates into your probing environment. If your test tasks get you into some tight spots, the EZ-Probe Positioner gives you the reliable, cost-effective assistance you need.

  • Joystick handle that slides up and down for z-axis
  • Vacuum-mount base, compatible with most board fixture environments
  • Friction-locking mechanics for rapid movement and rigid placement
  • Adjustable, articulating arm for probing over and around components
  • Large dynamic positioning range
  • 50 µm (2 mil) typical placement accuracy