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E4370A Multi-Cell Charger/Discharger Mainframe

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The Keysight E4370A Multi-Cell Charger/Discharger (MCCD) Mainframe is the cornerstone to building a complete system for forming lithium-ion cells in the production process. Each mainframe can hold four charger/discharger cards, which when completely filled, can charge or discharge 256 cells at a time. Charging power is supplied to the MCCD by a fixed 24-volt power supply provided by the user.

Each MCCD contains 256 power supply outputs and 256 electronic loads, each rated at 5 V, 2 A or 3 A. Distributed control in manufacturing is made possible through program sequences consisting of charg-ing and discharging steps, which are downloaded over the LAN to multiple MCCDs which then run autonomously. Data is then easily read back over the LAN. Additionally, each MCCD has digital and serial ports to provide the capability for local control of additional manufacturing automation equipment.

The E4371A Powerbus Load is the Keysight product available for discharging purposes within a forma-tion system and can dissipate power from two fully loaded MCCD mainframes.

Each E4374A Charger/Discharger Card is located within the mainframe and consists of 64 charging and discharging channels each rated at 5 V and 2 A. Each channel provides accurate independent control and measurement capabilities and is capable of constant current and constant voltage charging. In addition, each channel also has the ability to perform a constant current discharge.

The E4375A Charger/Discharger Card can also be used for those applications requiring up to 5 V and 3 A and is otherwise the same as the E4374A in its capabilities.

  • Fully programmable with automatic data collection and data compression
  • Multiple integrated safety features
  • Worldwide service and support
  • Control and measurement capabilities for process optimization
  • Superior reliability and quality of design
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