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E4457BZ (International) PDU for 1.6 and 2.0 m Racks, 200-240V

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The Keysight E4457BZ power distribution unit (PDU) conveniently supplies 200-240 volt power to equipment in an E3661B 1.6 m or E3662B 2.0 m rack. The E4457BZ has no plug attached to the power cord, so you can configure it for any 200-240V power system. A maximum of two PDUs can be installed on a single rack. The Keysight E7685AZ PDU installation kit is needed to add the first PDU to a rack. The installation kit can mount two PDUs, so only one kit is needed per rack. The PDU mounts vertically behind the rack's rear column and does not reduce vertical mounting space in the rack.

  • 200-240 Volt, single phase, 16 Amps max
  • Power cord: 2 m (78.7 in) long with no plug attached
  • 10 IEC-320 C13 Receptacles
  • 1 IEC-320 C19 Receptacle
  • Circuit breakers are provided on both hot and neutral lines
  • Lighted master power switch (low voltage, controls power relay)
  • Meets IEC-950 and VDE Standards

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