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N4442A Balanced-Measurement System, 300 kHz to 6 GHz

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Network analyzer--Keysight 8753ES, Options 006 and 011
  • Test set--Keysight N4414A, Options 1E1 and 105
  • Display conventional (single-ended) and mixed mode S-parameters
  • Re-normalize test data for non-50-ohm devices
  • Achieve high measurement accuracy with full four-port vector error correction
  • Perform fast, accurate, automatic calibrations with easy to use N4430A four-port electronic calibration (ECal) module
  • Calculate important parameters with powerful user defined displays
  • Gain additional insight with time domain analysis option


The Keysight N4442A balanced-measurement system makes complex characterization of fully balanced or balanced-to-single-ended RF components a lot easier. Devices such as differential filters or amplifiers, baluns, and balanced transmission lines that were once difficult to measure using a conventional two-port measuring system, can now be completely and accurately tested with Keysight's balanced measurement solution. This test solution combines an 8753ES vector network analyzer with an N4414A S-parameter test set and Windows®-based software for differential measurements covering 300 kHz to 6 GHz. An external PC equipped with an IEEE-488 GPIB card is also required. You can now achieve true multiport vector-error corrected S-parameter measurements of both active and passive circuits.