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10898A Dual Laser-Axis Board

Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications


  • Platform and size: VME, 6U
  • Number of Axes per Board: 2
  • Resolution Extension: x256
  • External Sample and Data Hold Inputs: 4 + 1

Operation with Plane Mirror Optics

  • Resolution: 0.62 nm
  • Maximum Velocity (also limited by laser head): 2700 mm/sec


  • Position Data Update Rate: 10 MHz
  • Asynchronous Sample or Hold Uncertainty: ± 50 ns
  • Synchronous Sample or Hold Uncertainty: < 800 ps + < 40 ps / deg C

Special Features

  • Flexible Hardware IO
  • Easy and Programmable routing of Ref and Meas signals for multi-axis systems
  • 36-bit, 2´s Complement Hardware Position Output @ 10 MHz
  • Essentially two enhanced 10897C axes on one 6U board.


The Keysight 10898A Dual Laser-Axis Board provides the same resolution as the Keysight 10897B High Resolution Laser-Axis Board with increased slew rates and reduced noise. The increased stage velocity limits and low noise compared to previous laser systems offer premium positioning repeatability and accuracy for advanced applications such as IC fabrication equipment. Like its predecessor, the Keysight 10897B, the Keysight 10898A provides measurement resolution to lambda/2048 (0.3 nm) with the high resolution plane mirror interferometer.

For more detailed information on the 10898A, see page 10 of the Product Overview. 

  • Two high-performance laser axes on one board
  • Resolution to 0.31 nm
  • 2.7 m/s plane mirror slew rate capability
  • Sub-nanosecond variable data age
  • 5 MHz dual-channel data transfer