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Q281B Coaxial Waveguide Adapter, 2.4 mm (m), 33 to 50 GHz

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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

Q281B Waveguide Adapter 2.4 mm male to WR-22

  • R-51B-001-C Return to Keysight Warranty - 1 year


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Key Features & Specifications

Superior RF Performance

  • Maximum SWR: 1.17


  • Waveguide Designator: EIA WR-22 MIL-W-85/3-013
  • Flange Designator: UG-383/U MIL-F-3922/67B-013
  • Coaxial Connector: 2.4 mm male


The Keysight Q281B is a 2.4 mm male to WR-22 waveguide adapter that operates in the 33 to 50 GHz frequency range. These adapters transform waveguide transmission lines into 50 ohm coaxial lines. Power can transmitted in either direction, and each adapter covers the full frequency range of its waveguide band with SWR less than 1.3.