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E6501A VXI Receiver, 2 MHz to 1000 MHz, 3000 MHz optional

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This product is no longer available

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The Keysight E6501A DSP-based VXI receiver offers systems integrators high-performance receiver hardware and VXI plug-and-play software drivers for developing their own systems for frequency monitoring and surveillance applications. The Keysight E6501A provides frequency coverage from 2 MHz to 1000 MHz (or to 3000 MHz with Option 003). Although tuning down to 2 MHz is allowed, performance is not specified below 20 MHz.

  • Single RF input
  • RF preselection
  • 8 MHz bandwidth digitization
  • DSP-based demodulation of up to 10 signals simultaneously (optional)
  • Digital IF filters and digital I/Q outputs
  • Reconfigurable and expandable to more channels