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E6432A VXI Microwave Synthesizer, 10 MHz to 20 GHz

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The Keysight E6432A VXI Microwave Synthesizer is a C-size, 3 slot, register-based VXI module. It covers the frequency range of 10 MHz to 20 GHz with 1 Hz resolution. Its amplitude range is from -90 dBm to +20 dBm.

This module delivers CW signals with low phase noise and excellent spectral purity. When combined with external arbitrary waveform generators, this module can deliver AM, FM, and pulse signals with state-of-the-art performance. Its high-speed architecture and register-based design supports switching between any two arbitrary carrier frequencies in less than 350 µs or any two amplitudes within its vernier range in less than 50 µs. This switching speed makes the Keysight E6432A ideal for automated testing in applications requiring a large number of test frequencies, including antenna testing, satellite payload testing and defense radar, EW and avionics testing.

A deep list mode and comprehensive triggering modes allow the host computer to offload source management to the measurement system, shortening development time and achieving maximum measurement throughput.

Aerospace / Defense Industry

  • 10 MHz to 20 GHz frequency range
  • -90 to +20 dBm output power
  • 1 Hz frequency resolution
  • AM, FM and pulse modulation
  • I/Q modulation (40 MHz bandwidth)
  • 300 MHz IF Upconversion (120 MHz bandwidth)
  • Frequency switch time <350 µs, typically <150 µs
  • Power-only switching in <80 µs (not including attenuator)
  • 3-slot VXI module
  • VXI register based programming
  • Hardware and software interfaces optimized for systems