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E3490A Processor Probe for Motorola 683xx Microcontrollers

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This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications


  • Real time Program Counter (PC) trace makes program execution visible
  • No probing effects on target signals
  • Stable operation at high processor speeds
  • Refer to the data sheet for more information


The Keysight E3490A processor probe provides much of the capability a software engineer needs to perform in-target debugging--all at a much lower cost than a traditional emulator.

Debugging Capabilities: The processor probe helps you debug your code by providing run control, high-speed code downloading, programming of target system flash (useful for product manufacturing as well as development), memory/register display and modification. Memory can be symbolically modified through available source-level debuggers. When using the Keysight E3490A over the LAN and running your target system at full speed, the code download rate is up to four megabytes per minute. You control program execution by setting software breakpoints or an externally generated hardware breakpoint.

Easy Connection to Your Target System: The processor probe easily connects to your target system as it does not require that you directly probe the microcontroller. Access to the target system is gained through the Motorola standard, 8 or 10 ping, background debug mode (BDM) connector. If your target system does not incorporate the connector, you can access the BDM pins directly on the microcontroller using flying lead probes that are provided.