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E3470A Emulator for Mitsubishi MELPS M16C Series Microprocessors

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This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications


  • Support for 5 V and 3 V processor versions in standard
  • No-wait-stat execution up to 10 MHz 1 at 5 V and 7 MHz 1 at 3 V with 1 wait-state
  • Disassembly of MELPS M16C/60 series instruction sets
  • Refer to the user guide for more information


The Keysight E3470A emulator is a 10-MHz Emulation Probe for M16C/60 series and contains 1 MB emulation memory. It supports Mitsubishi M16C/60 Series microprocessors up to 10 MHz.1 This emulator supports various versions of MELPS M16C Series microprocessors. The E3470A offers the real-time measurement capabilities needed to develop M16C/60 Series embedded systems, including interpreted displays of on-chip registers, emulation memory, a deep-trace analyzer, and hardware break points.

For both PC and workstation the C debugger user interface is provided, offering a look and feel similar to Microsoft Windows® and X/Motif. The debugger combines an easily used full graphical user interface with the 64700's transparent, real-time emulation. It provides powerful measurement capabilities ranging from real-time nonintrusive analysis to high-level C source code debugging. This combination allows you to debug embedded C programs at thesource level, while your target runs at full speed.

1 Contact your Keysight Technologies 64000 Field Engineer for the latest configuration information and supported processor speeds.