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E3458A Processor Probe for Motorola CPU32 Series Microcontrollers

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This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications


  • Easy connection to the target microcontroller
  • Microcontroller run control (reset, run, single-step, break)
  • Internal/external memory display and modification
  • Register display and modification


The Keysight E3458A processor probe includes a graphical interface to a Keysight 16505A prototype analyzer, cables, and user's guide. This graphical interface is the easiest way to control the target microcontroller from a Keysight 16505A prototype analyzer.

The Keysight E3458A processor probe provides an inexpensive way to control target microcontroller operation during the hardware and software development phases of Motorola CPU32-based prototypes. The processor probe controls the target microcontroller through the Motorola Background Mode Debug (BDM) port. Connection of a processor probe to a PC or workstation is made via LAN or RS-232.

With a processor probe connected to a third party C or C++ software debugger, software designers can download and debug target system code at source-level from their workstations. For IBM PCs and compatibles, a Keysight RTC debugger provides a high-level windows interface.