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Discontinuance Notice: Please note that the E3238S family of products and related services have not been offered since October 31, 2013. From and after that date, TCI will provide E3238S customers with software support services for their E3238S products and will also offer a full suite of current and future E3238S products. You can find out more about TCI’s support services and products at 

Keysight will continue to provide E3238S system hardware support.

The E3238S/35688E uses a wide-band stepped FFT technique to achieve exceptionally fast sweep rates while maintaining high resolution and wide dynamic range. Unlike swept analyzers, the E3238 combines several FFTs so you can zoom in closer and still resolve spectral detail. Up to six Motorola G4 processors compute FFTs, allowing 10 GHz/sec sweep rates. Broad expanses of spectrum are covered quickly, and frequencies of interest are revisited often to intercept short duration signals. The E3238S hardware has the dynamic range to dig signals out of noise, the frequency resolution to isolate small signals hiding next to large ones, and fast sweep rates to capture signals just fractions of a second long.

The E3238S/35688E system hardware can be configured to target specific frequency ranges and missions, then reconfigured as needs change. HF, VHF/UHF, and Microwave systems are possible - only the tuners and ADCs need to be changed to target a different frequency range. The rest of the system stays the same. Systems can be easily upgraded as new hardware becomes available, saving hardware and training expense. Keysight can support new technologies faster, since the entire system does not need to be redesigned.

Some of the component products identified in the available literature are subject to the export control regulations of the U.S. Departments of State and Commerce. An export license may be required for sale of these products outside of the United States. 

  • Deploy Quicker, Produce Faster
  • New high performance improvements increase the probability of intercept for off-the-air RF signals
  • Quickly categorize and select target signals using visual, audible, and analytic tools
  • Scalable performance from simple signal survey solutions to completely integrated intercept and collection systems
  • Improve mission productivity by automating common processing tasks and mission setups
  • Increase interoperability and re-use through integration with legacy systems and open programming capability
  • Rapidly deployable solution based upon industry-standard off-the-shelf components