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E2455A PowerPC 603 Preprocessor Interface

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This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications


  • Real-time debug of PowerPC 603 microprocessor systems
  • Full mnemonic disassembly of the PowerPC 603 microprocessor instruction set
  • 240 pin QFP SMT package probing
  • All processor, co-processor and bus cycles are supported


The Keysight E2455A preprocessor interface for the PowerPC 603 microprocessor allows you to easily connect the Keysight 16550A, 16554A, 16555A, 16556A and 1660A/AS logic analyzers to your target system using either the IBM or Motorola microprocessor. Configuration software is provided with the preprocessor that labels addresses, data, and status lines. When a state trace is displayed, instructions are disassembled and listed in PowerPC 603 mnemonics.

The Keysight E2455A utilizes Keysight's fine-pitch surface mount probing technology. The E2455A preprocessor can be mounted to the target system using two different techniques. Using the first technique, the user attaches a locator base to the PC board area around the PowerPC 603 microprocessor being probed with adhesive supplied with the E2455A. The preprocessor probe adapter then slides down over the microprocessor and attaches to the locator base. With the second technique, the user lays out the printed circuit board to include four mounting holes with threaded inserts. The user then slides a slightly different locator base over the microprocessor (to provide alignment for the probe adapter), and then installs the probe adapter. With the second technique, it is not necessary to glue the locator base to the PC board, as the probe adapter attaches to holes in the PC board that contain threaded inserts.