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E2442A TI TMS320C50/51 Preprocessor Interface

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This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications


  • Supports three types of measurement
  • JTAG TAP Controller can be monitored in real-time. TAP state can be viewed under the pre-defined label "TAP"
  • Software automatically labels address, data and status lines
  • Inverse assembler will process state traces and display the information in TMS320 mnemonics


The TI TMS320C50/51 preprocessor interface provides a mechanical and electrical connection between your target system and a Keysight logic analyzer. Preprocessor hardware captures processor signals and passes them to the logic analyzer at the appropriate time, depending on the type of measurement you are making.

With the preprocessor plugged in, both state and timing analysis is available. Two connectors are loaded onto the preprocessor to facilitate communication between different debugging tools. A BNC connector, when used with the sequencer of the logic analyzer, can be used to halt the processor on a condition. Then, the Texas Instruments TMS320C5x HLL Debugger can be used to examine the state of the system (for example, microprocessor registers). Likewise, a 14-pin connector is available to receive signals from the TI XDS510 development system. These signals can be used when defining a trigger condition for the analyzer.