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E2426B Analysis Probe for the Motorola 68EC020

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Key Features & Specifications


  • Instructions which are pre-fetched, but not executed, are marked in the display
  • Co-processor floating point instructions are disassembled
  • Dynamic bus sizing is supported


The Keysight E2426B analysis probe supports the Motorola 68EC020 and has the ability to probe either PGA or surface mounted QFP packages. The analysis probe provides a mechanical and electrical connection between several Keysight logic analyzers and the microprocessor. Software automatically configures the analyzer labeling address, data, and status signals. When a program trace is displayed, the data is disassembled and 68020 mnemonics are listed allowing you to correlate the captured data with the controlling source code.

To probe the QFP version of the 68EC020, an adapter is soldered onto the target system in place of the chip. The analysis probe, or the microprocessor, plugs into this adapter.