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E2401A MIPS R3000PC Preprocessor Interface

Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications


  • Supports external FPU with decoding of FPU instructions
  • Lists Cycle types in display (Run, Stall, Fixup, Stream and Refill)
  • Displays State listings in MIPS R3000 mnemonics
  • Low signal line loading


The Keysight E2401A provides an easy way to connect your R3000-based target system to a Keysight logic analyzer. The preprocessor provides a complete electrical and mechanical interface between your target system and a Keysight logic analyzer. It can be used with the external cache on or off, and the external floating point unit is supported. Included with the E2401A is software which automatically configures the analyzer labeling address, data and status lines. The inverse assembler decodes bus activity and displays MIPS R3000 mnemonics in state listings.