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E2310A Advanced Logic Probe (Discontinued--Support Information Only)

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This product is no longer available

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The Keysight LogicDart takes many of the advantages of the traditional logic probe...good probing, quick checkout of a circuit...then moves performance to a whole new level. Now from a single probe tip you can monitor logic activity, get timing diagrams, measure dc voltages and frequency, measure resistance and continuity, even compare waveforms to known good ones. You can store up to ten waveform displays, get both audible and visual feedback of logic activity, and even get hard copy output from an optional HP potable thermal printer.

  • Single Probe Operation
  • Three Channels of Timing
  • Logic Monitoring
  • DC Voltage and Frequency
  • Resistance, diode test, and continuity
  • Compare Waveforms
  • Store and Recall
  • Optional Printer
  • 100 MSa/s sampling