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E2091F I/O Libraries for HP-UX 10.20

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This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:


The Keysight E2091F I/O libraries for instrument control for HP-UX/700 controllers conforms to the latest VXIplug&play software. This, a significant industry standard, ensures a high degree of interoperability among VXI vendors providing mainframes and instruments, controllers and interfaces, and software. In addition to providing the HP-UX Framework for Keysight external and VXI embedded workstations, the E2091F I/O libraries support VEE, HP BASIC, and ANSI C software languages.

SICL (Standard Instrument Control Library), a Keysight standard I/O library, which preceded the VXIplug&play standard VISA, is available for most Keysight VXI products introduced before 1996. SICL support for these products will continue.

VISA I/O libraries (VXIplug&play HP-UX Framework) are available for most Keysight VXI products.

This software product comes with the purchase of a Keysight V743 VXI embedded controller, GPIB and MXIbus interfaces. The E2091F is required when upgrading an existing system. It supports HP-UX 10.20. For other HP-UX operating system support, contact your local Keysight sales office.

  • Supports the VXIplug&play HP-UX Framework
  • Works with VXIplug&play compliant equipment
  • Works on external and VXI embedded Series 700
  • Supported by VEE, HP BASIC, and ANSI-C
  • Included with V743 controller, GPIB and MXIbus interfaces
  • For complete details, click on the Data Sheet link