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E2071D High-Speed GPIB Interface for HP-UX 10.20

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Note: The suggested replacement product may be found by selecting the Related Products link. The Keysight E2071D GPIB Interface Card is a complete hardware and software library package for HP-UX workstations. It gives everything you need to quickly automate your test station. It provides a cost-effective, easy-to-buy hardware/software combination.

The high-performance E2071D has a maximum data rate of 750 KB/s. The interface is supported by SICL and VISA for HP UX 10.20. For other HP-UXoperating system support contact your local Keysight sales office. SICL and VISA let you work with open I/O libraries that are portable, regardless of the I/O interface or computer platform.

The GPIB interface card plugs into one EISA slot in the backplane of your external controller. A GPIB cable connects the card to the command module inSlot 0 of the VXI mainframe or directly to a GPIB instrument.

  • High-performance GPIB interface card
  • Plug-in instrument control for UNIX workstations
  • VISA and SICL support
  • Easy access to test automation
  • 750 KB/s maximum data rate
  • For complete details, click on the Data Sheet link