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E1482B VXIbus Extender (VXIbus-to-MXIbus)

Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options
This product is no longer available

No replacement found for this product.


NOTE: Suggested replacement is the NAI8001A bus extender, and this product may be found by selecting the Related Products link.

The Keysight E1482B VXIbus Extender is a C-size, 1-slot, register-based VXI module. It connects your external controller to the VXI backplane via the MXIbus interface (E1489C). The extender is also used to create multiple-mainframe systems for either external or embedded controller applications.

When used with external workstation controllers, the VXI extender plugs into slot 0 of the mainframe and is connected via the MXIbus Econtroller cable to the EISA/ISA-to-MXIbus Interface (E1489C) in the HP-UX controller. For multiple VXI mainframe systems, one VXIbus extender module is installed into each mainframe and these are connected together via MXIbus cables in a daisy-chain configuration.

  • 1-Slot, C-size, register based
  • Provides interface for the external MXIbus controller
  • Multiple VXIbus mainframes appear as a single system
  • Transparent interrupts and TTL triggering
  • Timing and triggering to external devices/mainframes
  • VXIplug&play-compatible interface