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E1446A Summing Amplifier/DAC

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This product is no longer available

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The Keysight E1446A Summing Amplifier/DAC is C-size, one-slot, register-based VXI module. It has the output drive capability needed to drive 20 Vp-p into a 50-Ohm load and 40 Vp-p into high impedance. This allows selection of a low-power signal source such as the E1445A and boost its power output.

Two separate signals can easily be combined with the E1446A. Pre-amplifier attenuators provide independent level control prior to the summing node. The power output has a switchable 20-dB post attenuator to reduce the sum of the two inputs. A precision 16-bit digital-to-analog converter provides programmable dc offsets and levels. The E1446A programs in the SCPI language by using the E1406A Command Module or the E1445A Arbitrary Function Generator. The command module is not required when used with the arbitrary function generator.

  • One-slot, C-size, register-based
  • Drive 50 Ohm loads with 20 Vp-p
  • Sum two input signals
  • Add dc offset with internal DAC
  • Can function as a standalone power DAC
  • Can act as servant to the E1445A