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E1306A GPIB Command Module for B-Size VXI

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This product is no longer available

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The Keysight E1306A GPIB Command Module is a B-size, 2-slot VXI command module designed for use with the 20-slot E1302A mainframe. The E1306A offers a GPIB interface for your VXI mainframe, and manages the VXI backplane communications.

The command module, which parses the measurement control commands to register-based VXI devices, allows you to send SCPI commands to instruments in a consistent, readable form, making programming easier. The E1306A does not support Compiled SCPI (C -SCPI). The built-in RS-232 is intended for an RS-232 terminal connection that provides debugging capabilities for the user.

You can add up to 2 MB nonvolatile RAM memory in 1 MB increments to this command module. Additional memory of 1 MB is recommended for all configurations. For some configurations (i.e., E1313A32-Channel Scanning A/D), you may need to add 2 MB RAM. The additional RAM is needed for instrument reading storage and SCPI downloadable drivers for register-based modules.

  • 2-Slot, B-size, register-based commander
  • Embedded command module for B-size mainframe
  • GPIB and resource manager capabilities
  • Access any manufacturer's register-based device
  • Supports SCPI for easy programming
  • VIC included for fast and easy set-up
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