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8920DT Digital RF Communications Test System

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This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Configurations for mobile (PDC/PHS)or base station (PHS)test
  • Operates stand-alone or with an external computer
  • Fast testing using DSP technology
  • Performs sequential list or repeats selected tests


The 8920DT system provides parametric test capability for cellular radios using the Personal Digital Cellular (PDC) and Personal Handy Phone System (PHS) formats. The required instruments used in the systems are the Keysight 8920B, the 83215A/B, and the 11807F control software. For additional capability, instruments such as spectrum analyzers and signal generators can be added to the system and will be controlled by the system software. The system has several configurations to optimize its use for high volume production, low volume prototype production, rework/troubleshooting, or more comprehensive quality assurance. System control is provided either internally using the controller built-in to the Keysight 8920B or externally with a computer. The Keysight 8920DT allows the user to add code to control the radio under test for complete test control.