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8110A Pulse Pattern Generator, 150 MHz

Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:


The replacement product is the Keysight 81110A with one or two 81111A/81112A.
Trade-in offer for the 8110A - up to 30% additional discount if you upgrade your system to the 81110A.

Precise edge-positioning, plus the ability to simulate digital signals as they occur in the real world, makes the Keysight 8110A pulse pattern generator stand out as an ideal partner for your Keysight oscilloscope or logic analyzer. On the bench you can verify designs so you can achieve reliable results quickly at frequencies where emulation becomes uncertain or cumbersome. In systems high resolution lets you optimize yield. True-to-life signals improve measurement credibility.

Each Keysight 8110A 150 MHz single- or dual-channel pulse pattern generator requires 1 or 2 output modules Keysight 81103A.

The Keysight 8110A Pulse pattern generator can be factory-configured with one or two channels and can include a PLL module and a deskew module. The second channel and the modules are retrofitable.

For complete details on the 8110A, click on the 8110A Technical Specifications link.

For compatibility information, click on the Compatibility 8110A - 81110A link.

For further information on the whole range of Pulse / Pattern Generators, view the :

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Applications overview

  • Single- or dual-channel pulse pattern generator
  • 1.00 Hz to 150 MHz, 10 V from 50 Ohm into 50 Ohm
  • 150 Mb/s, RZ/NRZ
  • 4 kb data with variable pulse parameters
  • BNC outputs
  • 3-level signals/second channel (two Keysight 81103A modules)
  • PLL accuracy and stability (module Keysight 81106A)
  • Master-slave operation for 4, 6, 8 channels (module Keysight 81106A)
  • Additional 30ns period-independent delay (module Keysight 81107A)