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Key Features & Specifications

  • Single-/dual-channel pulse pattern generator
  • 80 MHz, 10 V from 50 Ohm into 50 Ohm
  • Triggerable / PLL operation selectable
  • Pulse / burst / pattern modes selectable
  • Variable transition times
  • BNC outputs, single-ended
  • Single- or dual-channel: Requires 1 or 2 output modules 81105A


The Keysight 81104A 80 MHz Pulse Pattern Generator with one or two Keysight 81105A output modules (single-/dual-channel) builds on the performance of the 81101A and is backward-compatible.

The 81104A extends the frequency range and adds RZ/NRZ pattern capability up to 16 kbit per channel. An NRZ strobe channel provides a trigger at arbitrary points in the pattern, or can be used as an additional pattern source.

If two 81105A Output modules are available, the outputs can be added. This allows elaborate pulse shapes for simulating glitches, testing clock-recovery circuits or generating 3- or 4-level codes.

Channel-add and 1000 Ohm source modes each operate up to about 60 MHz. Combined, the maximum speed is about 15 MHz.

NOTE: Each Keysight single-channel Pulse Pattern Generator 81104A 80 MHz requires one (1) output module Keysight 81105A. For the dual-channel configuration, two (2) output modules Keysight 81105A are required.

For complete details, see the 81100 Family Technical Specifications.

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