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778D Coaxial Dual-Directional Coupler, 100 MHz to 2 GHz

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

Superior RF Performance

  • Nominal Coupling and Variation: 20 ±1.0 dB
  • Directivity: >36dB to 1 GHz
  • Maximum SWR: 1.1
  • Insertion Loss: <0.60 dB

Power ratings

  • Power Rating Average, Peak: 50 W, 500 W
  • Power Rating Average, Peak: 50 W, 500 W


The Keysight 778D is an economical dual-directional coupler designed for swept measurements in the 100 MHz to 2 GHz range. Its high directivity and mean coupling accuracy of ±0.5 dB makes the Keysight 778D ideal for reflectometer applications. The auxiliary arms track very closely, making this coupler particularly useful for reflectometers driven by sweep oscillators.