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70700A Digitizer Module

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This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

  • 1-slot MMS module
  • 20 M sample/s, 10 bits
  • 256K memory
  • Waveform recorder and oscilloscope features
  • Faster spectrum analyzer sweeps
  • Menu-driven interface
  • Pre-trigger data


The 70700A digitizer adds precision digitizing capability to the modular measurement system. This 1-slot module has many features you may expect to find in a 20-M sample/s, 10-bit programmable waveform recorder, plus a full set of oscilloscope features, powerful analysis functions, and memory size of 256K samples. Integrated into the 70000 modular spectrum analyzer, the digitizer module improves the system's ability to analyze signals in the time domain. The high sampling rate allows recovery of fast pulses, limited only by the bandwidth of the spectrum analyzer signal path. The digitizer module also functions as a self-contained instrument with data-acquisition and waveform analysis capabilities. This flexible module can be used as a precision digitizing oscilloscope, a transient analyzer, or a programmable waveform recorder. In multichannel applications, up to eight 70700A modules can be operated synchronously without loss in performance. The 70700A provides a powerful transient analysis feature called Random Event Capture (REC).