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Configuration typique  

Configuration typique

66311B Mobile communication dc source, 15Vdc/3A. GPIB.

  • 66311B-120 DC power supply 104-127VAC operation, 50/60Hz
  • 66311B-0B0 Download the product manual from the Keysight website
  • R-51B-001-Z Return to Keysight Warranty - 3 years
  • R-55A-001-1 KeysightCare Assured First Year Support


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10 Practical Tips to Help Your Power Testing and Analysis - Application Note
Learn ten simple ways to improve your testing capabilities with your power supplies and electronic loads.

Notes d’application 2017-12-05

Optimizing Power Product Usage to Speed Design Validation Testing - Application Note
This application note is for design validation engineers who need to conduct complex and/or time-consuming tests using power products. It presents methods and techniques to decrease setup time and test time. It is also useful to the manufacturing engineer, as these methods can be beneficial for manufacturing tests.

Notes d’application 2017-12-05

Declaration of Conformity
Search Keysight Regulatory database for the most recent Declaration of Conformity statement for your product.

Guide de références 2014-08-01

Solar Cell and Module Testing
This application note describes how to decrease costs and increase flexibility for solar cell and module testing with Keysight products and solutions.

Notes d’application 2009-12-07

Choosing the Right DC System Power Supply
Whether you need a source to provide bias power to circuits, to characterize components, or to make fast measurements, use this guide to help you choose the best power supply for your application.

Guide de sélection 2007-05-08

Mobile Communications Device Testing (AN 1310)
Pulsed battery drain currents, regulated charge currents, and remote DUT fixtures, dictate the need for specialized power sourcing, loading, and measurement capabilities for testing mobile communications devices.

Notes d’application 2007-01-16

66300 Series Data Sheet

Fiche signalétique 2007-01-16

14565B Device Characterization Software Quick Start Guide

Guide de démarrage rapide 2007-01-15

Keysight Mobile Communications DC Sources

Présentation technique 2007-01-08

Current Drain Analysis Enhances WLAN Network Card Design and Test - Application Note
This application note explains how to simplify the complex task of accurately measuring and evaluating the current drain of a WLAN network card for its various operating modes.

Notes d’application 2006-12-14

66300 Series Configuration Guide

Guide de configuration 2005-08-27

66111A, 66311A, 66311B, 66311D, 66309B, 66309D, Mobile Communications DC Sources Service Manual
This manual contains information for troubleshooting and repairing Keysight 66111A, 66311A, 66311B, 66311D, 66309B and 66309D Mobile Communications DC Sources.

Manuels d'entretien 2005-02-17

How to capture, save, and reproduce arbitrary waveforms
This 6-page application note provides techniques for capturing, saving and reproducing current waveforms and profiles.

Notes d’application 2003-11-21

Evaluating Battery Run-down Performance of Mobile Wireless Devices
This application note describes how to easily and accurately evaluate the performance of a mobile wireless device while being directly powered by its battery.

Notes d’application 2002-11-04

Using Battery Drain Analysis to Improve Mobile-Device Operating Time
Using specialized tools and analysis techniques can help you create mobile-device designs that extend battery life.

Notes d’application 2002-09-19

66319B, 66319D, 66321B, 66321D Mobile Communications DC Sources User's Guide
66319B, 66319D, 66321B, 66321D Mobile Communications DC Sources User's Guide

Manuel de l'utilisateur 2002-05-17

66309B, 66309D, 66311B, 66311D Mobile Communications DC Sources User's Guide
66309B, 66309D, 66311B, 66311D Mobile Communications DC Sources User's Guide

Manuel de l'utilisateur 2002-05-17

Battery Testing (AN 372-2)
This Application Note shows how an electronic load can be used to discharge batteries of various chemistries to determine actual capacity, capacity retention and impedance.

Notes d’application 2002-02-22

Minimizing Power Supply Transient Voltage at a Digital Wireless Telecommunications Products' Test...
This paper addresses the problem of maintaining a stable, transient-free voltage at a DUT

Notes d’application 2001-11-30

TS-5550 Cellular Phone Functional Test Platform (PN TS-5550)
This 12-page color print on demand Product Note discusses the TS-5550 platform features and benefits, including the ability to test up to four celluar phones at once. It is a flexible system for rapid development of cellular phone functional test. Configuration and ordering structure is also given.

Notes d’application 2000-08-01

Specialized Supplies Target Battery-Powered Products

Notes d’application 2000-08-01

10 Hints for Using Your Power Supply to Decrease Test Time - Application Note
Learn how to get the most from your power products by reading this 12-page booklet. When you're trying to boost throughput in time-critical production test systems, a small change in the way you operate or program a supply can have a surprising impact on test speeds. Specifically, the booklet...

Notes d’application 1999-10-12