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64147A Emulator for Mitsubishi MELPS 7700 and 7750/51 Series Microprocessors

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This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications


  • No-wait state operation up to 25 MHz at 5V and 12 MHz at 3V
  • Disassembly of MELPS 7700 and 7750/51 Series instruction set
  • Display and modify functions for all registers (including SFR), memory, and I/O ports
  • Please refer to the data sheet for more information


The 64147A emulator supports Mitsubishi MELPS 7700 and 7750/51 Series up to 25 MHz. This emulator supports various versions of MELPS 7700 and 7750/51 Series microprocessors by replacing the emulation pod or emulation processor in both 3V and 5V versions. These emulation systems offer the real-time measurements you need to develop MELPS 7700 and 7750/51 embedded systems. Measurement capabilities include interpreted displays of on-chip registers, non-intrusive display of emulation memory, deep trace analysis and hardware breakpoints.

Keysight's host-independent emulation and analysis systems can be controlled from a simple terminal, Keysight Technologies 9000 workstation, Sun SPARCstations, and IBM PC compatibles.