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5528A Laser Measurement System

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This product is no longer available

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The Keysight 5528A, a precision laser dimensional measuring system, consists of a laser head, a measurement display, and a variety of optical components and accessories. The system computes and displays results from a number of measurements.

The basic system measures linear displacement (distance). Pitch and yaw, flatness, straightness/parallelism, and squareness capability can be achieved with the addition of optical components for the specific measurement desired.

Components are available individually, or packaged in convenient kits that contain the required optics as well as their mounting accessories.

The system uses the wavelength of light from a low-power helium-neon laser as a length standard. The laser uses Keysight's two-frequency laser technique that virtually eliminates the problems resulting from beam intensity changes common to other laser designs. The Keysight 5528A achieves unusually high accuracies, even over large distances in shop environments.

The Keysight 5528A can be easily configured to meet your current calibration or measurement requirements, while offering economical expansion for future growth and change. The laser accuracy and convenience of the Keysight 5528A helps you manage your machine tools to improve product quality, increase yields, and facilitate manufacture of precision products.

  • Measurement display microcomputer adds control while simplifying operation
  • Wide array of optics products allows maximum flexibility in optical layouts
  • Tailorable for both physical layout and measurement requirements
  • Products combine high stability, accuracy, and resolution
  • Reliable GPIB interface