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  • 10771A Angular Reflector 10771A Angular Reflector 

    10771A Angular Reflector

    The Keysight angular reflector is typically used in combination with the 10770A angular interferometer and is primarily for the Keysight 5530 Laser Calibration System.

  • 10770A Angular Interferometer 10770A Angular Interferometer 

    10770A Angular Interferometer

    The Keysight 10770A angular interferometer is a high accuracy plane mirror interferometer ideal for use in precision calibration applications.

  • Agilent 10767A Product Photograph 10767A Retroreflector 

    10767A Retroreflector

    The Keysight 10767A retroreflecor (cube corner) is a measurement reflector for linear measurements. Similar to 10703A, but with metric threads and a stronger housing.

  • Agilent 5530 Dynamic Calibrator 5530 Laser Calibration System 

    5530 Laser Calibration System

    The Keysight 5530 Laser Calibration System offers the highest accuracy available for measuring, calibrating and validating precision machine tool and coordinate-measuring-machine (CMM) equipment.