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5373A Modulation Domain Pulse Analyzer

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This product is no longer available

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Imagine Your Counter Doing MORE…
“I never expected a frequency counter to do so much so fast!”
53200 Family of RF and Universal Frequency Counter/Timers

The 53230A Universal Frequency Counter/Timer offers continuous/gap-free measurements for basic modulation domain analysis and optional basic burst microwave measurement capabilities up to 15 GHz.

The Keysight 5373A modulation domain pulse analyzer provides built-in functions for pulsed signal analysis and is ideal for applications requiring radar and EW signal characterization. It minimizes design and testing efforts required for modern military, air traffic, marine, weather, and space-based radar systems. The measurements of phase, frequency, and time are optimized for complex signal modulations.

The 5373A simplifies the study of agile carriers, staggered PRI, chirp, phase coding, and similar modulations whether intentional or unintentional. The 5373A analyzer is particularly suited to working with pulsed and non- repetitive signals. It measures modulation and carrier frequency on pulsed RF signals to 500 MHz, and includes a detector channel for precise measurement of envelope parameters such as pulse width and PRI, peak envelope power, percent AM, jitter, and more. 

  • 200 ps single-shot, Least Significant Digit (LSD), 10 digits/second for frequency measurements (2 ps LSD for averaged measurements)
  • Broad selection of measurements, arming and triggering configurations
  • Built-in analysis, including math, statistics, limit testing, and calculated Allan Variance
  • Graphic display and histograms for added visual meaning from collected data
  • Up to 13 million measurements per second, 500 MHz frequency range (expandable to 2 GHz with optional channel)
  • For complete product specs, click on the Data Sheet link.