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3589A Spectrum/Network Analyzer, 10 Hz to 150 MHz

Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options
This product is no longer available


The Keysight 3589A breaks through the speed/resolution/accuracy barrier. It combines the best of analog swept techniques with advanced digital signal processing to provide you with frequency resolution, measurement speed and amplitude accuracy that you can't get from any other analyzer.

Use the Keysight 3589A to conduct Surveillance and Signal Monitoring, to test Commercial Communications applications and Aerospace Electronics applications, to measure the characteristics of Audio and Video components, and to characterize Semiconductor signals. Let the Keysight 3589A get you closer to your signals, and let you get there faster.

  • 10 Hz to 150 MHz frequency range
  • Improved filters for increased speed
  • Narrow band zoom - down to 0.0045 Hz resolution
  • Typical +\- 0.25 dB amplitude accuracy
  • Exceptional Dynamic Range