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14814A Firmware upgrade required for Keysight 14763A

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This product is no longer available

No replacement found for this product.


Regulatory test solutions require at least firmware revision A.00.07 to run Keysight 14763A Interharmonics Immunity Test software.

For 6812B, 6813B, 6841A, 6842A and 6843A units shipped (generally) before January 1999, firmware must be upgraded in order to run this particular software.

Please check your firmware revision number. The number will appear for about 10 seconds when the ac line switch is turned on.

To upgrade your firmware, simply order Keysight 14814A. This product gives you directions and ROM chips to upgrade the firmware yourself.

  • Firmware revision A.00.07
  • Firmware for compliance testing
  • Ability to test interharmonics immunity