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11966P BiConiLog Antenna, 26 MHz to 2 GHz

Product Status: Obsolete
This product is no longer available

No replacement found for this product.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Removes the need to change antennas
  • Individually calibrated
  • Maximum power 1 kW
  • Average VSWR: 2:1
  • Impedance (nominal): 50 ohms
  • Connector: Type-N (f)


Replacement products, please contact:

The 11966P is available as part of the 84115EM system, but is no longer available as a stand-alone product from Keysight.

The Keysight 11966P BiConiLog antenna enables users to measure from 26 MHz to 2.0 GHz in one sweep. This single sweep capability eliminates the need for multiple antennas and time-consuming equipment setups. This improves accuracy and saves both time and money.