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10896B Laser Compensation Board for VMEbus

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This product is no longer available

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The Keysight 10896B compensation board increases the accuracy and repeatability of Keysight's VME-based laser interferometer positioning systems. Using your own or Keysight's environmental sensors, the Keysight 10896B detects and compensates for changes in the system's operating environment. The Keysight 10751C/D air sensor can be used to provide an accuracy up to ±1.5 ppm. Keysight 10757D/E/F material temperature sensors are used to compensate for thermal expansion errors. 

  • Compensation
  • Environment:
  • Pressure: 760 mm +/-25 mm Hg
  • Relative Humidity: 50% +/-10%
  • Temperature: as shown in table
  • Measurement Accuracy*
  • +/-0.1 deg. C +/-1.0 deg. C +/-5.0 deg. C
  • No compensation** (@20 dgrees C) +/-9.0 ppm +/-9.9 ppm +/-1.7 ppm
  • Keysight 10751C/D Air Sensor (@20 degrees C)+/-1.5 ppm +/-1.6 ppm (typical) +/-1.7 ppm
  • Wavelength Tracking +/-0.15 ppm +/-0.19 ppm +/-0.44 ppm
  • Compensation***
  • Measurement in Vacuum +/-0.1 ppm +/-0.1 ppm +/-0.1 ppm
  • Measurement in Vacuum with Factory Calibration of Laser Head to MIL STD 45662 +/-0.02 ppm +/-0.02 ppm +/-0.02 ppm
  • * These accuracy specifications include the laser head term, but exclude electronics accuracy and interferometer nonlinearity terms.
  • ** No compensation means that no correction in compensation number occurs during environmental changes.
  • *** System accuracy equals these values (measurement repeatability) for a calibrated laser head accuracy of initial compensation value.
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Keysight 10717A Wavelength Tracker
  • Keysight 10751C/D Air Sensor
  • Keysight 10757D/E/F Material Temperature Sensor (up to four)
  • Resolution
  • Wavelength Tracker: 5nm
  • Analog Sensor Inputs: 76.3mv
  • Backplane I/O Characteristics
  • All blackplane I/O signals are TTL compatible.
  • Refer to the manual for further details.
  • Sensor inputs: +/-2.5 volts
  • General Information
  • VME Compliance:
  • Complies with VME Specification Rev. C.1 Single width 6U size
  • A16 Data Transfer Cycles
  • A24 Data Transfer Cycles
  • D08(OE) Data Transfer Cycles
  • D16 Data Transfer Cycles
  • D08(O) Interrupt Acknowledge Cycles
  • Power Requirements
  • +5 Vdc +0.25 V/-0.125 V at less than 2.8A
  • +12 Vdc +0.6 V/-0.36 V at less than 0.4A
  • -12 Vdc -0.6 V/+0.36 V at less than 0.4 A
  • Cooling Requirements
  • 19 linear meters (60 linear feet) per minute for 0-40 degrees C operation.
  • 76 linear meters (250 linear feet) per minute minimum for 0-55 degrees C operation.
  • Weight: 0.45 kg (1 lb)
  • Automatically compensates for environmental changes that affect WOL
  • Automatically compensates for equipment thermal expansion
  • Increases accuracy and repeatability of systems using either Keysight 10897B high resolution or Keysight 10895A laser axis boards for VMEbus
  • Single-width front panel, 6U-size board uses surface-mount technology for compact, reliable electronics
  • Programmable for use with custom sensors
  • High reliability backed by three-year warranty