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10887B PC Calibrator Board and Software

Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options
This product is no longer available

No replacement found for this product.

Key Features & Specifications


  • Platform and size: PC-ISA-AT, 98 x 339 mm Can be installed in 55292A
  • Number of Axes per Board: 1
  • Resolution Extension: x32 ,x1152 with hardware averaging
  • External Sample Inputs: 1

Operation with Linear Optics

  • Resolution: 9.9 nm
  • Maximum Velocity (also limited by laser head): 1100 mm/sec


  • Position Data Update Rate: 1/Ref Freq
  • External Sample Uncertainty: ± 1/Ref Freq

Special Features

  • Monitors A-quad-B inputs
  • Hardware Sample Timing Clock
  • Hardware Data Averaging for added resolution extension
  • Includes 10747D Calibration Software


See the following for possible replacement: 5530 Laser Calibration System

Keysight 10887B calibrator electronics deliver the basic measurement and analysis capabilities of the Keysight 5529A Dynamic Calibrator system. The system performs fast data collection and dynamic characterization of machine performance, including feed rate, settling time, and velocity profile. The Keysight 5529A's high data rates speed and simplify analysis of machine vibration for applications such as drive-train troubleshooting and predictive maintenance.

The Keysight 10887B includes powerful, easy-to-use software for versatile data analysis. It accommodates a wide range of international requirements and is compatible with NMTBA, VDI, ANSI B5.54, BSI, ISO, and JIS calibration standards. Time-saving features include help screens, online measurement checklists, an undo command and error recovery, setup graphics to show measurement setups and sign conventions, and automatically-calculated error compensation tables. 

  • Calibration data output to files for further analysis in spreadsheet or other commercial PC software
  • Full set of management reports facilitates schedule planning and management
  • Available as plug-in board for existing PC systems, or packaged in a preconfigured HP Vectra PC system
  • Open design and modular architecture provides flexible system growth
  • High reliability backed by three-year Keysight warranty insures low cost of ownership