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10811E 10 MHz Crystal Oscillator

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This product is no longer available

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This product is obsolete. Information on this page is provided for support purposes only.

The Keysight 10811E crystal oscillator is an oven-controlled, high-performance component oscillator. It offers unmatched quality, low cost, and excellent reliability. The low aging rate and fast warm-up time reduce maintenance costs and downtime, while low power consumption ensures longer battery backup time. The oscillator's low phase noise ensures lower overall system phase noise for your communication, navigation, and instrumentation applications.

The 10811E uses filter feedthrough terminals for the power connections and oven monitor, as well as SMB snap-on RF connectors for the 10 MHz output and EFC input. The 10811E also has one stud on the bottom cover and two on the top, which allows it to be isolated from shock or vibration.

Note: The difference between the 10811E and the 10811D is that the 10811D uses a printed circuit connector card to make electrical connections and has two internally-threaded mounting studs on its bottom cover.

  • Simplicity and quality of design adds to component reliability
  • Low power consumption and low phase noise, suitable for portable applications
  • Low aging rate guarantees lower maintenance costs
  • Low acceleration means maximum frequency shift of less than ±4 x 10-9 for any reorientation
  • Fast warm-up time -- typically six minutes -- reduces downtime
  • Highest value of competitive crystal oscillator products