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Key Features & Specifications

  • Large aperture: laser beam diameters 9mm or less
  • Weight: 661 g (23.3 oz)
  • Materials Used: 
     • Housing: Stainless steel (416) 
     • Optics: Optical grade glass 
     • Adhesives: Low volatility (vacuum grade)
  • Optical Efficiency: 
     • Typical: 99% 
     • Worst Case: 98%


The Keysight 10773A Flatness Mirror is a 100% reflectance mirror that turns the direction of an incoming laser beam 90 degrees. The mirror, used in the 5530 Laser Calibration System, measures flatness in applications such as surface plate calibration. It can be used in place of the 10707A Beam Bender (6 mm or less beam diameter) for applications that require the larger aperture of the 10773A.

  • Mounts with swivel-attached baseplate for easier surface plate calibration
  • Available separately or as part of the 55282A Flatness Accessory Kit