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10705A Single Beam Interferometer

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The Keysight 10705A Single Beam Interferometer, the smallest linear interferometer, is designed for making low mass or limited space single axis measurements. It is ideal for use in disk drive and other confined space applications. The single beam interferometer is called that because the outgoing and returning beams are superimposed on each other, giving the appearance of only one beam traveling between the interferometer and the retroreflector.

The 10705A includes one 10704A Retroreflector as the reference reflector and two quarter wave plates. A second 10704A is required to complete the single beam interferometer optic set. The 10705A can be used to bend the beam, but it cannot be used as the moving component. More about the 10704A Retroreflector

Differential operation requires removing the 10704A Retroreflector and attaching it to the reference surface of interest.

Plane mirror operation requires Option C01 (Option C01 removes a quarter wave plate – users cannot remove the plate themselves). It also requires use of a 10704A Retroreflector.

  • Application: Low mass, limited space
  • Distinguishing Feature: Single beam, non-contact
  • # of Axis: 1
  • Maximum Beam Size: 6 mm
  • Beam Separation: n/a (single beam)
  • Weight: 85.5 g (3 oz)
  • Fundamental Optical Resolution: λ/2 (316.5 nm, 12.5 µin)
  • System Resolution: λ/64 (10 nm, 0.4 µin) based on using 32x electronic resolution extension
  • System Resolution: λ/512 (1.2 nm, 0.047 µin) based on using 256x electronic resolution extension
  • Reflector: 10704A
  • Mount Used: 10710B
  • Referenced: No
  • Turned Configuration: Yes