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10703A Retroreflector

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The Keysight 10703A retroreflector (cube corner) is a basic measurement reflector for linear measurements. It is paired with the Keysight 10702A (or Keysight 10702A Opt. 001) linear interferometer, enabling general-purpose, single-axis measurements. If mass is critical, the Keysight 10703A is available without housing as the 10713B.

The Keysight 10703A is one component of a family of measurement optics that tailor interferometer systems for the physical layout and measurement requirements of each application. Configured with appropriate laser head and system electronics, the optics are part of a precise positioning system, providing the highest positioning accuracy, resolution, and repeatability.

  • Designed for beam diameters of 6 mm or less
  • Available for use in PC and VMEbus compatible systems
  • Recommended Interferometer: Keysight 10702A
  • Weight: Keysight 10703A: 42 g (1.5 oz)
  • Bare cube corner: 11.4 g (0.4 oz)